Monday, 28 February 2011

Stuffed Aubergine & Potato Bravas

To Make It:
Scoop out the insides of the Aubergine, chop up & add to pan of oil
(Put Aubergine skins into the oven with olive oil, cook for 20mins 180)
Salt & Pepper
3 Garlic cloves
1 Onion
Tin of plum tomatoes
Tomato puree/das or red wine
Once all cooked up together for around 15/20mins and the Aubergine skins have cooked in the oven fill the skins with the mixture
Stale bread 1 or 2 slices/chunks in the blender (or crumble with hands)
Parsley (add last minute just to the breadcrumbs)
Now add the bread crumbs, parsley and parmesan S & P on top of the Aubergines.
Cook for a further 10mins or grill for the same on low.

Potato Bravas- A Rosemary roasted potato in a sweet paprika/tomato chilli sauce.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Double Egg & Bacon

1 good buttered bap
2 fried eggs (NO Snot- use frying pan lid to help cook the top of the egg but keep it runny)
Grill bacon so the fat goes crispy
Ketchup & English Mustard is ideal
Salt & Pepper

Garlic & Rosemary Lamb with Mint Gravy

Salt & Pepper 
Make holes in the meat and stuff cloves of garlic and rosemary down to the bone so the flavour cooks through the meat 
For a crispy skin sear the meat by putting the roasting tray over the gas hob, turn the meat so it's seared all the way round.
Place in the over on 220 for 20mins then turn down to 170 for 2/3hrs depending on size.
Roast away...and save the juices for the minty gravy.

Mussel Chowder with Kale

New Potatoes
Fish stock
1/2 Star Anise
Grated Carrot
Salt & Pepper
Single Cream

Add Mussels at the very last minute (ONLY include those that are fully closed & clean)
Cook with lid on and put Kale on top of liquid for 3 minutes or until mussels have opened- DONT eat if they're still closed.

Add fresh parsley to garnish

Monday, 7 February 2011

Crispy Prawn & Pork Dumplings on Morning Glory with a side of Chili Squid.

Trying to work out why everything looks so 70's...perhaps the blue plates and boiled egg, prawn cocktail to follow!!

Rare Beef Salad...SO GOOD!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Quick Salt & Pepper Squid with Papaya Salad


I Buy Frozen Squid from the Vietnamese supermarket, it's loads cheaper than from the fish man, but either's good! 
I always chop it roughly, but you can do rings or put a knife inside the squid and score just one side...depends how big you like it!

Semi dry the squid
Sprinkle 5 or so tablespoons of cornflour into a bowl, add a load of black pepper and sea salt (Red Chilli /Coriander/Parsley is optional- But chop fine so it sticks)
One piece at a time roll the squid in the cornflower so it's all covered as thick as possibly-For more crunch.
Test the Sunflower Oil is hot enough- Squid should fizzle and float to top of oil
Then a few pieces at a time add the squid


Green Papaya Can be bought fresh or shredded and frozen...either works for this as all the flavour is in the sauce.

Papaya Fresh/Or Frozen (defrost in tepid water)
White cabbage/ chinese Cabbage- to bulk out the salad 

3 Garlic Cloves
Pinch of Salt
1 lime
Cherry Tomatoes quartered x 6
1 Red Chilli (Or to Taste)
3/4 Tablespoons of shaved palm sugar (Normal sugar can work if desperate)
3 Tablespoons of fish sauce (to taste)
Muddle all of the above and double quantities if make larger portions or if you like extra sauce
Mix with veg....
Garnish with coriander

BBQ Pork (And Still Obsessed)

24hr Marinated Neck of Pork 


5 Spring Onions
Bunch of Coriander Roots
2/3 Shallots
Big chunk of Galangal, 5"- Bruised 
Big chunk of Ginger 6"- Bruised
2 Star Anise
3 Cloves
5 Spice Powder- good sprinkle
Dark Soy Sauce
3 tablespoons Chinese Rice Wine
150g White Sugar
1 Tablespoon of Red Food Colouring

Cook it all up and simmer 15mins- 
Let it cool
Add your chopped up fillets of Pork (Neck/Shoulder/Butt)
Leave over night to marinate

Basting Syrup
5 Tablespoons of white sugar
1 Tablespoon of Light Soy Sauce
2 Tablespoons of Hoisin Sauce
1 Tablespoon of Honey
Sprinkle of Red Food Colouring...for colour!!

Once Porks Marinated and cut into fillets put in oven dish and cover in sticky basting syrup, put in the oven for 15mins on 220, then grill on high for a further 10/15mins adding the basting Syrup every 5mins and turning the fillets.

Traditionally this should be cooked on butchers hooks so the syrup drips off and crispens up so don't add too much syrup all at some and use as sauce to add on after by adding some chicken stock to it.

AND it is worth the effort.

Chilli Squid / Tapas(ish)

Potato Bravas
Tempura Veg, Chili Dip
Stuffed Aubergine
Halloumi, Asparagus, Cavolo Nero Salad

Imagine The BEST Fillet Beef, Soaked in Ginger, Chili, S&P, Parsley & Twice Fried Home Made Chips.

Salt & Pepper Fillets, add a touch of Olive Oil
Sear fillets of beef on a griddle (Once it's super, super hot) for 2mins on one side and 1min on other (making sure it's still rare)
Take off the heat & slice diagonally
Place the fillets into finely grated ginger, red chilli & parsley, olive oil & let them continue to cook & marinate.
Once chips are done, return fillets to the griddle for 1min then serve. 


Twice fried is plenty...HESTON!!

Peel & Chop Chips to even sizes
Soak for as long as possible in salted water
Fry in batches so you're not over loading the pan of oil
Cook for 5mins them remove onto paper towel 
Let Cool
Once cooled re fry until golden brown
=crunchy on the outside soft on the inside
Add salt once removed for the second time and again soak up oil on paper towel.

Crispy Duck In Spicy Broth...The Dream

Big Fish Pie With Fishy Parsley Cream

Red Thai Curry, loads of sweet Thai basil..