Sunday, 4 November 2012

Best Worst Holiday Bits

After 4 days in Seville and 2 Italian meals (at the 3rd best restaurant in Seville!!) I was done with Tapas. I had to keep reminding myself that tapas were just supposed to be an accompaniment to a drink not a meal!! Everything from the typical spinach and chickpea to the potatoes a lo pobrre (despite being fine -to eat once) were still tinned veg. Was gagging for fresh veg, ripe tomatoes and something that wasn't left cold and kept for days. I was with a veggie so this may have marred my meat eating slightly but in all honesty I would rush back to Seville on some food pilgrimage. I loved the idea of tradition but in reality the food was average and not exciting or fresh enough....there I've said it!!

So here's the BEST/WORST holiday bits!

He was fine but why was she so keen to be so close to us, literally miles of beach and sun beds!! The Ray Berri's look good too!

It looked so promising, there was a man cooking fish on skewers (at the restaurant on the beach we were at) on propper coals-looked amazing and then the Squid turned up slimy and tasting of nowt, looked a bit rough too and I love squid.

At the top of the cathedral tower- 46 ramps later to get there and a very serious incident with mishandling of the umbrella and gargoyles - soaked but still into it!! We even stopped an ate some of the blue cheese we'd bought at the food market mid way up as a little snack.

This is apparently what the Spainish eat for breakfast!! Are they crazy!!??? Type 2 diabetes written all over it!

My first of 2 Italian meals in Seville...upppps but so good!! They had fresh tomato and mozzarella with an amazing home made pesto :-) They catered for a vegetarian very well and served me my carbonara with NO cream in sight, just egg yolk and loads of it...super rich but fit and how it should be!! Obsessed that this is apparently the 3rd best restaurant in Seville!
Osteria L'Oca Giuliva-Mateos Gago, 941004 SevilleSpain (Casco Antiguo)

Best/worst bit!! Body of a 10 yrs old! Is this too much??

You picking up what I'm putting down!!??

In Sevilles 'famous' food market...just not convinced, this plus torrential rain wasn't doing it for me!!

Actually up in the clouds...rain clouds :-(

This also for breakfast...mentalists!! 3 or 4 times the size of a pan au chocolat, a pastry sliced in half filled with chocolate spread!

Oh and then this one!!! The one and only expensive tapas bars, I didn't even look at the menu properly, first huge mistake, each dish was 9/12 Euros -for spinach and chick pea and some greasy tinned red peppers and onion- all cold! I got lured in by the pretty tiles and forgot about the shitty tourist shops facing it, plus it was busy which was a good sign!!! ERROR! We also made the mistake of ordering what we thought (despite the boyfriend speaking a fair bit of Spanish) was the Iberico ham, it said so but in fact turned up and was -Secreto jamon- the flank of the pig, fatty and fried in loads of oil and served with old dried out chips, I was mainly shocked that they a) served anything hot and b ) served anything so revolting...couldn't even bring myself to take a pic. Oooh still cross!

Where do people go  for dinner in Seville, NOT tapas but an actual meal?? 

So nothingy..just really not that nice!!


So this was the iberico jambon good but probably a tricky one to enjoy in front of a veggie and still on the greasy side for me. He wasn't even up for trying one bit.

Sevilles night life!

What Seville's actually famous; it's fried fish. These were really delicious, the plate was huge but the fish were fresh or freshly battered/fried at least.
Casa Placido-C/Meson del moro 5 & C/Ximenez Enciso 11 (it's right near the tourist bit but full of locals, cheap and laid back)
 Loved this local tapas bar, all friendly and despite being near the shitty place that looked great but rinsed us.

In the food market- a vending machine for tourists, with a wide selection of female grooming and tampax...thank you!!!

The name of the average inside food market...where each shop space practically sold the same thing.


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  1. I will definitely try the place for fried fish,in my upcoming trip to Seville,but i'm also mesmerized by those huge pastries with the chocolate you remember by chance where did they sell them?They look amazing <3
    Thank you so much :D