Wednesday, 14 November 2012

All the 'Spanish' food we ate in a week!

Gambas Pil-Pil- Little prawns cooked in olive oil, loads of garlic (3 cloves) dried chilli flakes (1/2 tsp) and (1/2 tsp)  paprika. 

This was fit and a good veggie option- Avocado, Spinach, Tomatoes in a warm honey balsamic and walnut dressing.

This was mental...2 types of potato on 1 plate!!!! Lamb cutlets -cooked on the grill, with potato wedges, a shit tonne of creamy mash and some carrots and courgettes. It was yum but think I managed about 2 mouthfuls of mash and the meat...nothing compared to what I'm capable of an obvious off day!!

A sweets pit stop!!

Cheese Omelette 

A sunny day (probably 1 of the 2...still cross about lack of sun)

This was that same sunny day...this looked so promising, we were by the sea, he looked like he was cooking fresh fish but when my calamari came it definitely hadn't been near this :-( FAIL

Potas a lo pobre- Boiled potatoes sliced, 1 x onion finely sliced, small handful of parsley finely chopped, 3 tbsp of olive oil, 1/2 lemon juice, salt and pepper- serve hot (or cold).

Chilled redders...Rioja

Iberico Ham

This is how it starts out...some are hung for years and years...the longer the better.

So they do have fresh fruit and veg...where is it in the food??

This looks good to me! Less so for the veggie.

This is where the food got really good...down the Italian (3rd best restaurant in Seville!!) Mozzarella, tomato and home made SOOOOO good! I knew I always loved Italian food more!!

Melanzane Parmigiana - The best one I've ever had- loads of tomato sauce, mozzarella and aubergine in batter- THE BEST!!! And am I being converted to all things veggie without even realising it??!!

Spinach & Ricotta Ravioli in crispy sage and butter sauce.


Blue cheese...a little car snack!!

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