Sunday, 23 December 2012

Get In My Pop-Up Pics..See if you made it.

Look how cute..

Kitchen team and front of house!!! 

Mother and housemate Mikey, getting into the spirit of things/Campari!

Me working away.


Really cross the reto glass got in there...I defo didn't give them out!!!

Cheese board and amazing Lazy Baker crackers...

Girls lovin the carols

Grim & Henners - fan photoing!!!

Me & Sloanie, a few reds in!

Sophie & Richard with take-awy mince pie

  Cal & Julia...looking good

Mairead and spot by the tree!

Dan giving it the massive one with the carols.

Laying on the moves pretty night!!

5 Golllllllllllllllllllllllld Rings...

All the couples that have got married at the Chateau, the most gorgeous place EVER!!! Have a look

Kitchen staff mingling with front of house...Mum get back in that kitchen and put down the Campari!!

Heading up the carols

London Mum and nearly new Dad...last to leave!!

Krispy...Head of front of house.

Sloanie, Baby David, Gills and Lew.

Look Mag ladies.

Lazy Bakers lot.

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  1. Wow-party looked amazing & how HOT are you in Nicci's dress!!!!???
    Happy holidays