Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Cook That Veggie Curry...then add left over TURKEY

A veggie curry that could really be livened up with some left over turkey!!!!
Get the brown bits of meat in as they're richer and taste even better!

Curry Paste

Whole Bulb of Garlic
Tumeric x 2tsp
Ground cumin x 2 tsp
Corriander roots x 1/2 bunch
Garram Masala/ Tandori Masala x2 tsp
1 x red Onion
Red Chilli x 3 sml ones -take out seeds for less spice
Olive Oil x 2tbsp
White wine vinegar -big glug
Rock Salt
Black Pepper
Fresh Lime- Add just before serving.

Leave it over night if you can or give it 10-30 mins before cooking it off.
Add all to the hob on a medium heat and add the onion and fry up together for 5mins then rinse out your blender with boiling water -about 1 pint, add a couple of vegetable stock cubes or chicken if you doing a meaty version.
Then add a tin a tomatoes and mix in- take out the horrible end bits.

Roast the veg before adding it to your curry- I really think it's a worthwhile thing to do, it enhances the flavour of the veg, you can roast in medium sized chunks, 2"x 2". Add Sunflower oil, salt and peper and a sprinkling of paprika.

Roast for 30 mins on high 200/220

I used
Aubergine x 2 large ones 
Courgette x1
Cauliflower -best thing ever when roasted  x 1
Green beens & Spinach- DON'T roast just add these a few minutes before serving so they're still crunchy.

Greek Yogurt- 3/4 of a large pit
Grated Cucumber- 1/4 
Red Chilli -should be green
Honey- big squirt
Fresh Mint, finely chopped
Salt & pepper

Lime and Pomegranate Salad
Shred the lettuce
Grate half a lime
3 x tbsp white wine vinegar
1 x whole pomegranate
Salt & Pepper
Extra virgin olive oil -big glug/4 tbsp

To garnish- 
Finely diced white onion
Red Chilli
Frech chopped tomato 

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