Tuesday, 25 September 2012


Chilli Con Carne with wraps, sour cream, fresh red chilli, roasted veg and mixed salad= FIT

This fed 20 of us, including 2nds.

4 x white onions
1 x big bag of mushrooms (I always put these in last so that they don't shrink up too much-like them a bit meaty)
4 x Garlic squashed and finely sliced
2 x Bay leaves
Salt & Pepper
3 x 500g lean packs of minced beef
2 x cans of kidney beans
2 x cans of tin tomatoes
2/3pint of coffee (4 teaspoons of instant will do)
2 x beef stock cubes
1 x big squeeze- the majority of a tube of tomato puree
Generous sprinkle of Sugar
Big handful of Parsley- freshly chopped- add at the end prior to serving
Big handful of coriander- add at the end
2 x fresh red chilli - medium sized so not too hot.
Finely sliced Carrot x 3
Sprinkle of oregano
Sprinkle of cinnamon

Let it all cook away for at least 3/4 hours and just keep checking for seasoning, I'm really bad for not having the right ingredients and just using whatever I have in my cupboards, so as long as you keep testing you should be all good, if you have any left over red wine hanging about this can be good to add, by the time it's been cooking on a medium/low heat for 3/4hours it should be tasting spot on. 

Roasted aubergine, courgette, carrots and red peppers...good for adding substance and vitamins to your meal...it was fashion week we were trying to keep it healthy or at least take it easy on the carb front!

This was the veggie version...all of the above minus the meat and oxo cubes...it was a spicy beany onion stew thing.

It went this dark after all the cooking..

All the veg, think I did about 6 batches...was actually at the stove ALL night.

The veggie dish

Packing it up to take to the office.

Easting at my desk...obviously made a mess.

The BOSS!! See people in fashion do eat!!

Going for it!

He really enjoyed it, you can see from his face!! 

She was lovin it!

I could actually eat this again, right now!


My seconds consisted of everything but the wrap...couldn't help myself.

We ate this while she tried on clothes and looked like this!! 

An actual real life person that looks this good!!

Bit of House of Holland show day behind the scenes.

Another one of the hot models.

This is probably the most least encouraging blog I've done...guessing the models don't help!! It is low in carbs though, and you can get brown wraps now, you can basically eat this and be on a diet...ish!!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Breakfast then a little BBQ in the Sun.

Philli on bagels with avocado and tomatoes - loads of salt and pepper.

My favourite plate...

Breakfast in bed.

Then onto the BBQ...lunch!!
Sausages, onions, asparagus, courgette and hollumi.

Always make sure the coals are glowing white before adding any food otherwise you get a chemical smell/taste in your food.

Red peppers and aubergines- probably my fav things to have on the bbq.
Add oil to veg first and season before putting on the bbq otherwise you'll just make the bbq flame and everything ends up chargrilled.

Snoozing Toods

Dead doggy, defo still obsessed with the dog, probably more every day.

Mine and Cute

For a bit of variation and to ensure a good thoroughly melted piece of cheese place over the meat on the bbq.

'Men,' 'maning' the bbq...like men do.

Soz about the cheap hot dog rolls...not my doing!!!

My carb contribution at least it's wholegrain!!

Spicy tomato bruschetta thing, using turkish flatbread. Slice in half then bbq/toast on both sides, rub with garlic clove (sliced in half first) and add a drizzle of olive oil then add a mixture of finely chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, red chilli, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper....FIT

Mikey, house mate and favourite man cook.

The bruschetta making...

Looking good.

Parmesan, courgette, rocket and black olive salad with a honey dressing :-)

Topping for the tomato bruschetta 


The BBQ guests who turn up at my house and demand a BBQ...I was having a quiet Sunday, resting!!

So good

Happy Sundays...

                                                                 Finally the Bruschetta

All the empty's

Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Death by Burrito is on at Catch on Kingsland Road Shoreditch- eat there!

Stuffed plantain croquettes and courgette flower and ricotta crepes with deep fried beetroot.

Fancy frozen margarita things...had loads.

Shay, the man behind it all :-) He should be pleased.

'Death by Burrito'

Another fancy cocktail

Home made tacos, guacamole, sour cream and pickled onion. FIIIIIIIITTTTTTTTTTT.

EVEN FITTER...Braised pig cheek and crackling burrito (no rice in sight- just how I like it) this really was so good, huge chunks of sweet braised meat alongside a load of other tasty sauces and salad bits.
Defo a winner.

Me and Shay, having been through the whole cocktail list and defo a few in on the margaritas. 



Crab cakes.

The veggie even had these they were that good!

Scallop ceviche

More cocktails..

Tequila shots to start with tomatoes and dipping salty thing, perfect way to start things off.

The menu, which they've nailed...going back tomorrow, not even joking!!