Sunday, 30 June 2013



Garlic Fried Beef Tomato Salad

Garlic Fried Beef Tomato & Burrata Salad

This recipe is super simple but the frying in garlic makes all the difference. 

Preparation / Cooking Time - 5mins
Ingredients - 
Feeds x4
2 x Beef Tomatoes - sliced into 6
2 x Large cloves of garlic - Crushed and finely sliced
12 x Sprigs of fresh basil - gently torn or left whole and leaves separated
Regular oil to fry with -Rape seed oil is a good option
Extra Virgin olive Oil
Rock Salt
Black Pepper
2 x Balls of Burrata
Sour Dough -If you're doing carbs

Instructions - 
Slice the tomatoes and prepare the garlic. Heat up some oil in a flat based frying pan and add the rock salt and garlic, once it starts to cook/sizzle add the sliced tomatoes, once side flat to the pan so they get covered evenly with the garlic and oil, cook for 2mins and remove. You only need to cook one side, this way you still get the crunch and freshness of the tomato but with an amazing garlic flavour.
The burrata is best served torn as it's super creamy and will mix nicely with the garlic oil from the tomatoes (- all to be moped up with a fresh sour dough). 
Once all tomato slices are cooked arrange either on sour dough, starting with a layer of burrata followed by a layer of tomatoes then the fresh basil and black pepper or on a sharing platter, both work really well for this deliciously simple dish.
Promise this won't disappoint.

TIP- If you're in the office and frying in garlic isn't an option, try cutting you fresh garlic in half and rubbing it onto your toasted bread then drizzle oil. You can go as garlicy as you want, then add freshly sliced tomatoes on top with basil and seasoning. Black peppers a must. 

Friday, 28 June 2013

Triple The Greens Risotto

As a reluctant Vegetarian (so reluctant that I'm not vegetarian at all) and a reluctant risotto eater; I made it my challenge to cook up a entirely vegetarian risotto that's enjoyable to eat and that's just what I did. No complaints here, this was a complete treat. This works as a starter or a main. It's a very versatile dish, plus it looks pretty!

Triple The Greens Risotto
Feeds - 4/6
Preparation / Cooking Time - 25 mins

Ingredients - 

300g (1/2 Bag) x Fresh spinach (throughly washed)
200g x Fresh rocket (thoroughly washed)
300g x Arborio rice
1.5 pints x Vegetable /spinach stock
1 x Cup of frozen peas
Parmesan shavings (vegetarian parmesan style cheese)
1 x Large free range egg (poached)
Small handful of parsley to garnish
White & fresh black pepper

Instructions - 
Start by adding the spinach to the hot vegetable stock and take it off the heat. Give it a stir and let the spinach wilt. Once this has happened use a hand blender to blitz the spinach thoroughly.

In a separate pan and on a medium heat, add a nob of butter and your rice. Season with a small sprinkle of salt and black and white pepper. Make sure you keep mixing so the rice doesn't stick, it should just be throughly coated.

Start adding the spinach stock little by little. The trick is to keep stirring the whole time and keep adding small amounts of the stock.

About 3 mins before you're ready to serve; Gently crack your eggs into a pan of simmering water with a dash of vinegar, allowing them to cook for 3minutes. Make sure your pans large enough for the eggs, go as big as you can if you're poaching a load.

After about 15 minutes the risotto should be pretty much there, give it a try to make sure the rice is cooked and that the seasoning is spot on. Add the frozen peas a few minutes before serving. Save a little of the stock and add this along with the rocket. Get your vegetarian parmesan shavings (you can use a potato peeler to do this) ready to garnish along with the finely chopped parsley.

Serve it all up and make sure you don't overload your plate. It's filling and you'll enjoy it more if you come back for seconds and don't overload on firsts!

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Minty Watermelon & Paprika Spiced BBQ'd Halloumi Salad

This one is for those who are up for mixing their sweet with their savoury. Even if you're not, don't write this off just yet, it actually really works.
If you're looking to liven up your salads or just looking for alternatives for the BBQ, then you have to try this. It's super easy and really does work a treat. This is a Cypriot combination although they tend to keep the halloumi raw. As a non veggie I think halloumi cheese is a real saviour for a vegetarian meal. If however you're craving meat,  you can always go the extra mile and add some BBQ'd crispy bacon but there's really no need.

Preparation / Cooking Time - 10mins
Feeds 4/6
Ingredients -
1 x Pack of halloumi - 1/2cm thick slices
1/4 x Medium sized watermelon - Sliced into 2 inch chunks
3 x Gem lettuces - Cut in half
1 x Pomegranate - All seeds removed and added to the salad
1 x Orange - All segments added, minus any pith
1 x Handful of freshly chopped mint
Black pepper
Smoked paprika

Season the slices of halloumi with paprika and black pepper (no salt as it's a salty cheese already) so they're ready to BBQ. Make sure all coals are grey/white before BBQing. Prepare your salad, keeping the watermelon to one side. This ensures your salad stay crisp and crunchy. Depending on how adventurous you want to be you can either add the watermelon uncooked or briefly BBQ for a smokey BBQ'd taste. Both work just as well. Once you've BBQ'd the halloumi (BBQ just the one side to ensure you don't overcook it) add it to your salad of gem lettuce, pomegranate, orange and chopped mint. Finally add the watermelon and taste for seasoning. Extra black pepper is a great last addition.
It's as simple at're ready to serve.