Thursday, 20 June 2013

Minty Watermelon & Paprika Spiced BBQ'd Halloumi Salad

This one is for those who are up for mixing their sweet with their savoury. Even if you're not, don't write this off just yet, it actually really works.
If you're looking to liven up your salads or just looking for alternatives for the BBQ, then you have to try this. It's super easy and really does work a treat. This is a Cypriot combination although they tend to keep the halloumi raw. As a non veggie I think halloumi cheese is a real saviour for a vegetarian meal. If however you're craving meat,  you can always go the extra mile and add some BBQ'd crispy bacon but there's really no need.

Preparation / Cooking Time - 10mins
Feeds 4/6
Ingredients -
1 x Pack of halloumi - 1/2cm thick slices
1/4 x Medium sized watermelon - Sliced into 2 inch chunks
3 x Gem lettuces - Cut in half
1 x Pomegranate - All seeds removed and added to the salad
1 x Orange - All segments added, minus any pith
1 x Handful of freshly chopped mint
Black pepper
Smoked paprika

Season the slices of halloumi with paprika and black pepper (no salt as it's a salty cheese already) so they're ready to BBQ. Make sure all coals are grey/white before BBQing. Prepare your salad, keeping the watermelon to one side. This ensures your salad stay crisp and crunchy. Depending on how adventurous you want to be you can either add the watermelon uncooked or briefly BBQ for a smokey BBQ'd taste. Both work just as well. Once you've BBQ'd the halloumi (BBQ just the one side to ensure you don't overcook it) add it to your salad of gem lettuce, pomegranate, orange and chopped mint. Finally add the watermelon and taste for seasoning. Extra black pepper is a great last addition.
It's as simple at're ready to serve.

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