Sunday, 16 June 2013

Chilli Spiced Cannellini & Feta Burgers

This meal is an all round winner. Perfect for the summer, full of protein and packed full of flavour. This is a treat for vegetarians and even those who aren't.  You'll probably create some mess making this through the bread crumbing and shallow frying, although they can be oven baked if you're opting for a healthier meal. The results are worth the mess and you won't regret the small amount of effort this dish requires. This can be a great and easy start for the reluctant cook and kids too can get involved in the preparation.

Cooking Preparation / Time - 35mins

Feeds -  4/6

Burger Ingredients-
1 x Can of cannellini beans - mashed
1 x Medium size red chilli - finely sliced
2 x Medium size free range eggs
1/2 x Cup of frozen peas
1/2 x Pack of feta - 100g (make sure it's the vegetarian feta)
1/2 x White onion - finely cubed
1 x Handful of coriander - finely sliced and thoroughly washed
1 x Cup of breadcrumbs (freshly made or bought - half for mixture and half to coat the burgers)
2 x Fresh lime
Salt & pepper

Spiced Up Salsa -
1 x Small jar of capers - 100g
1 x Vine of cherry tomatoes (around 6/8 tomatoes) - finely sliced
1/2 x White onion - finely sliced
2 x Cloves of garlic- crushed and finely sliced
4 x Tbsp of red wine vinegar
2 x Tbsp of extra virgin olive oil
2 x Dried smoked chillis - finely sliced
1 x Handful of coriander - thoroughly washed and finely sliced
Salt & White pepper

Asparagus & Courgette In Garlic -
1 x Pack of asparagus - Ends cut off and sliced in half
2 x Courgettes - Cut in half and sliced lengthways then in half again
3 x Garlic cloves - crushed and finely sliced

Prepare and combine all of the burger mixture as instructed and listed above, get your hands involved to mash it all up. Kids will love this bit as well. If you're fussy about getting your seasoning and spice spot on, then take a small amount of the mixture and cook this up while your pan and oil are heating up. This is also a good way to check that your oil is hot enough to cook. Adjust your seasoning accordingly and add more spice if you can handle it.
Top Tip- Don't get over excited or greedy when making your burgers! Keep them about 3inches wide and 2/3 inches high, this way they stay together, make them too wide or high and they can easily fall apart.
Once you've mixed the burger ingredients they should be sticky enough to just roll straight into a plate of breadcrumbs.
Top Tip - Wash your hands and leave them a bit wet so the mixture doesn't stick as much to your hands.
Heat the oil (rape seed oil is a good oil to use) in a wide and flat frying pan for around 3/4 mins, make sure you've got about 2cm of oil and making sure it's hot enough when you add the burgers. You need to cook them for around 4 minutes on each side. If you're cooking a big batch up then keep the cooked ones warm in the oven on 180. The aim is to get a good even golden crunch. (you can also cook them on 180 for 35 mins instead of pan frying).

For the asparagus and courgette: Prepare the them as listed above and lightly fry with the garlic and serve - 3 minutes cooking max.

For the salsa again combine all of the listed ingredients and prepare as suggested, this can be done last minute and served straight away or pre made and kept refrigerated. The contrast of the cold and spicy salsa with the crunchy fresh burgers works a treat. TRY IT.

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