Saturday, 28 July 2012

Summer Brunch- Salads more tarts and a fit cheese board.

No carbs cheese board...NO guilt!! Demolished the lot !

Obsessed with blue cheese, the market in the school yard on a Sunday just off broadway market has the best deals and selection and they make pies!! :-)

Ted looking handsome and interested, always.

Pile it high, add some chutney, I'm pretty much into anything sweet, caramelised onions always good, keep it simple!

Really seriously interested...just resting his head!!!

4 batches of home made pastry, 2 mins in the Kenwood mixer and it's done-
180g plain flour
85g butter (you can do half lard if you want)
45ml of water

Butter the tin then press the pastry into all the edges and prick with a fork so it doesn't bubble up when cooking- bake for 20/25 on 180.

Make sure you use either baking beans or foil or something to make sure the pastry keeps its shape and doesn't balloon. Cheat and use foil.

Pie thing number two!! Red onion caramelised with balsamic and brown sugar, then add sliced figs, thyme ad salt and pepper. I let this cook and soften on the hob for 15mins then just place puff pastry over the top and cook for another 15/20mins int he oven on 180.

You can use any veg to add to that tart- have used broccoli , red onion's good. Add goats cheese, feta, whatever you fancy.

Grated cheese on top...makes it look even better.

Roasted courgette, red onion, cherry tomato, butter beans, capers and spinach salad, olive oil, lemon zest and salt and pepper...that simple


Rocket, orange segments, red cabbage and a honey, lemon simple, but really good. Add nuts, walnuts, goats cheese, feta or burratta, garlic croutons or whatever you fancy to bulk it out and make it a full healthy dish.

Love this...and the colours are so good, looks good!

Roast new potatoes...simple but fit, just add rock salt and olive oil, rosemary if you fancy.

This is how the upside down onion fig and goats cheese tart turned out. The balsamic and brown sugar made it so good. Add chopped parsley to garnish. Slice and serve.

Add fresh tomatoes and basil too if you want! obsessed with making them, it's the easiest thing to do when you've got people over especially because you can serve cold.

Honey and marmelade glazed ham.

Looks so a buffet style dins.

Then here we all are, we've improved our bunting since then!!

The presentation plate!!! Looks alright!

Kit, looking so into his food, love that!!

This was supposed to be a rabbit on the just roadkill!! Any idea on how to make jelly moulds work??

Monday, 23 July 2012


Nothing to do with food, in fact we didn't even get to eat while in the desert at all!! But looks nice.
The setting for the Grazia Middle East awards photoshoot.

Bit pervy!!

Henry Holland & Poppy Delevigne giving it the big one.

He's actually taking a photo of me taking a!!


Love these pics.

Dubai...amazing but a bit weird!

Beach and city!! Defo weird and think there was a building site behind me!!

And then here's the food!! Rice noodle thai style salad, with sesame seeds, ginger, mixed leaves, grated carrot, king prawns and a sweet and sour sauce.

To recreate - 
Grate/shred any veg you want, carrot, red onion, spring onion, white cabbage, cucumber, mix with mixed salad.
Boil water and add rice noodles and leave to cook through for 5mins then drain and add them to the salad (rinse with cold water first) 
For the sauce/dressing:
Muddle 1 x garlic with a tiny amount of rock salt
1 x big spoonful of palm sugar / or tbsp of caster sugar
2 x big splash/glugs of fish sauce
3 big glugs of rice wine vinegar

Aim for a good balance of sweet and sour then mix through the salad.
Garnish with a good amount of coriander 

Cute bag size ketchup and mayo :-)

Me & Hens looking fancy/colourful for the awards :-) I'm in House of Holland, flying the flag!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

NYC does Mexican....really well :-)

 Little post dinner snack on the way home- On Bedford & 8th in Williamsberg...there was a queue how could I  not try it...$3 very well spent. 

Totally into this...could eat it now actually! Melted cheese, sour cream, shredded lettuce, guacamole, and pulled pork. Up for it.

The best takeaway EVER & $70 later, for 3 of us!!! 

Menu from heaven, feel that strongly about that meal!

Quesadilla...loads of melted cheese :-)

Crispy marinated pork, super hot green pepper on the top, red onion and coriander garnish. Seriously amazing amount of spices on the pork. Blue corn tortillas. ALL FIT.

Fried fish tortillas, wasn't even bothered about trying, mine was too good! That rarely happens!

Cara & Dean and a bit of food humour....

Next level FIT. LOOK AT IT!!

Same, fit!! Guacamole.


My recipe for a great Guacamole-
Serves 4/5 people

First things first you need really really ripe avocados- they should be squidgy, I like the Hass ones best, the dark bobbly skinned ones. They have a stronger taste.
4 x Avocados
1 x red chilli
1/2 x red onion finely sliced or cubed
2 x ripe limes- squeeze the juice all over the avocado- this way it won't go black if you're not serving straight away- I like to go rustic and keep the whole of the lime in the guacamole.
1 x ripe tomato finely slices
1 x big glug of red wine vinegar
Rock salt and freshly ground black pepper
Fresh coriander on top.