Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Birthday Number 27 & dinner for 30ish

The MENU  

-Gnocchi & tomato sauce with roasted Veg (which I forgot to serve...too much going on)
-A version of bruschetta/tomato basil bread, using Turkish flatbread, sliced down the middle, toasted rubbed in garlic and tomato and drizzled with garlic basil oil.
Slow roast pork belly- A whole belly!!
2 x caramelised onion tarts- home made pastry
Aubergine parmigiana
Rocket, spinach and orange salad- with lemon dijon dressing
Cheese board

Toods spent a hole two days in the kitchen, just following & being busy!

One of the 3 plates of gnocchi  :-)

(this makes enough for 4-6 people)
1kg of floury potatoes- bake the potatoes for 1.20mins in the oven so the potatoes are super fluffy then put them through the ricer so there's no lumps at all.
300g of plain flour
1 egg
salt and pepper

Mix it all up until its no longer sticky but bouncy, then roll into long 1cm thick strips and roughly slice into 1cm x 1.5cm rectangles. 
Asides from cooking the potatoes this takes no time at all.
Then cook for 3/4mins- or until they float to the top of the water. Use a big pan of boiling salted water.


The meat man- Rys Dad owns W.H Frost Butchers in Manchester- and sends us the biggest bestest meat parcels, he's even served the Queen her meat....that good!

Aubergine Parmigiana - probably one of my favourite things to eat- such a good veggie option too. 

-Aubergines- Slice then roast in oil & salt and pepper for about 30mins (keep the slices thickish so they don't fall the pieces)
- I used the tomato sauce I made for the gnocchi but you can just use passata (a version of chopped plum tomatoes)
- Breadcrumbs-I used a seeded loaf and tore it up -put it in the bottom of the oven to dry out before tearing it into lumps and mixing it with loads of parmesan and salt and pepper.

The idea is that you layer up the sliced aubergines, followed by a small layer of tomato sauce, then a sprinkle of breadcrumbs and parmesan, then repeat the the process at least 3 times. Make sure you have enough breadcrumbs and parmesan to go on top so you get a nice crispy finish.  You can add fresh basil and parsley to the layers also.

Bake on 180/200 for 20/25mins until crispy. 
Note- don't over do it on the tomato sauce, it's nice to not have it too sloppy but each to their own.

Looks so good :-)

Caramelised onion tart- home made pastry. 
Super super easy and so yum- again another good veggie option.

Pastry- 175g plain flour
pinch of salt
85g butter (or you can do half butter half lard)
30-45mil (2/3tsp) of water
I just mix this all up in the kenwood with k beater but you can  do it by hand, you need to rub the butter and the flour into fine crumbs, lifting it up and out of the bowl, to add air and keep it cool.

My nan says always wash you hands in cold water first then make pastry as it needs to stay cool. 

Then add the teaspoons of water and it will all come together, don't over roll it. Wrap it in cling film then leave to rest in the fridge for 30mins before rolling out.

Butter the tin then add the rolled out pastry, prick the pastry with a fork and add baking beans or foil and bake for 20mins.

In the mean time, slice 5 lrge white onions into rings and let them caramelise on the hob, add sugar and oil, salt and pepper and a sprig of thyme, they should be sticky and sweet and translucent before adding to the tart.

Mix 4 eggs and a splash of milk and pour over the onions into the tart and bake for 15/20 mins on 180.
I like to grate either parmesan or mature cheddar over the top so it goes golden and crispy. Serve hot or cold, into both :-)

Making it look cute- used all the leftover bunting from the jubilee party.

Espresso martinis...essential after slaving away for hours. Wakes you up ready for the party.

Favourite girls :-) :-)

PESTO!!!!! The best thing ever created - this only just clicked for me, wasn't bothered about it for a long time :-)

Add the following to a pestle and mortar- enough for a little jar but it's rich.
3 x garlic bulb crushed 
Rock salt & whole black pepper corns- 1/4 tsp of each
80g basil leaves- gradually add once you've started muddling 
3 tbsp of pine kernels
Gradually add around 3/4 tbsp of extra virgin olive oil.


The detox kitchen.....bag!!! ONLY
Hens really pleased with himself!

And when you open it up.... :-)

Not what I'd usually read...Grim's the fan

Cute :-)

Katie Dent & Lizzie Crees...favs.

So thin!!!!! Casual!

Excuse the mayo!!!

Loved this so much :-)

Krispy, king helper :-)

Bons & Grim <3

Lew & Hels...head veggies!!! And they seem to be enjoying it.....the pork was pretty close to them!

Left overs of the pork belly, didn't get in there quick enough for a pic.
Rock salt & dash of oil, cook for 30mins on 250 then turn down to 150 and cook for 6/7hrs. And done!!!

Garlic, tomato basil oil bread.
Slice the turkish flatbread things in half, toast then slice a garlic bulb and tomato in half and rub the whole of the bread with it, then drizzle with muddled basil, garlic and olive oil. FIT

The gnocchi all done and ready to go. 

Lady Fletch, getting involved :-)

A right mixture...not the usual presentation plate but good enough!


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