Monday, 23 July 2012


Nothing to do with food, in fact we didn't even get to eat while in the desert at all!! But looks nice.
The setting for the Grazia Middle East awards photoshoot.

Bit pervy!!

Henry Holland & Poppy Delevigne giving it the big one.

He's actually taking a photo of me taking a!!


Love these pics.

Dubai...amazing but a bit weird!

Beach and city!! Defo weird and think there was a building site behind me!!

And then here's the food!! Rice noodle thai style salad, with sesame seeds, ginger, mixed leaves, grated carrot, king prawns and a sweet and sour sauce.

To recreate - 
Grate/shred any veg you want, carrot, red onion, spring onion, white cabbage, cucumber, mix with mixed salad.
Boil water and add rice noodles and leave to cook through for 5mins then drain and add them to the salad (rinse with cold water first) 
For the sauce/dressing:
Muddle 1 x garlic with a tiny amount of rock salt
1 x big spoonful of palm sugar / or tbsp of caster sugar
2 x big splash/glugs of fish sauce
3 big glugs of rice wine vinegar

Aim for a good balance of sweet and sour then mix through the salad.
Garnish with a good amount of coriander 

Cute bag size ketchup and mayo :-)

Me & Hens looking fancy/colourful for the awards :-) I'm in House of Holland, flying the flag!

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