Friday, 13 July 2012

The day after....leftovers


This was even fitter the day after...gnocchi with a thyme and rosemary tomato sauce, roasted veg and a shit tonne of parmesan and black pepper :-)

Propper Italian tomato sauce- Sauce for enough for 4-6 people

1 x white onion- finely diced
3 x garlic cloves- crushed with the side of the knife/or palm of your hand then finely sliced/cubed
2 x carrots -finely sliced into cubes 
2 x big sprigs of fresh thyme 
Fresh or dried oregano - big shake or a sprig
2 x sprigs of fresh rosemary 
2 x tins tomatoes 
Salt & black pepper
teaspoon of white sugar or squeeze of ketchup

Cook up the onions, carrot and garlic in oil on a low heat until translucent, this should take around 5-8mins then add the tomatoes and herbs and let it cook away for a good couple of hours. I like to leave the sauce over night then reheat and serve the next day. 

On this occasion I did the double, cooked it the night before, served it for dinner the next day then reheated the leftovers the day after.

I also managed to forget to serve the roasted veg on the night, so reheated these and had them the day after also!! Uppps, how do I always do that!

Here we all end of the table!!!

Lady Ryan, part of the dream team, he came and made everything look pretty, plus made me the hugest cake :-)

Loved this so much :-)

This much....

Benn & Kiri...the locals :-)

Costume change/girl band

The newly weds...


Favourite end of the table.

The morning after...moonpiggin and scoffing down leftovers

Think this is where Mikey was trying to drop one on everyone....less fit

Mikey the food man and feeder of my dreams <3

AND some extras from the night before...

Bons getting musical! 

Time for bed.

Toods at the party.

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