Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Wilton Way Jubilee Street/My House Party.

Grey & rainy but everyone still really persevered.

I have to admit we concentrated more on the cocktails, I burnt the quiche (result of the cocktails) but had a decent little spread, cherry cola ham, broad been & caper potato salad, roasted squash & aubergine rocket salad (really simple  but yummy) a sunflower seed coleslaw, cucumber sarnies, red onion tart, smoked haddock and spinach (burnt) tart and cake...
Strong team effort.

Pleased with the spread and contribution to the street party- piano was out on the street too :-)

We dressed for the occasion, here's the ladies plus cocktails!!

4 tiers of chocolate Guinness cake, cream frosting- the start of the mamouth birthday cake for Calum-33!! At least I think thats how old.

Toods....NO!!!! Not for doggies. Too tempting.

The street...it's the little touches.

All the amazing cakes that were being sold (thought you weren't aloud to sell stuff??!!) Yum either way.

Our very own street tea towel :-)

Mikey & Teds :-)

Ways of getting round the missing ladle.

Few drinks

The sing song- And banoffee pie :-)
Dan did us proud- all the old songs.

Handsome boys scrubbing up well.

Always count on Krispy...


The birthday boy who was only 5 hours late to his own birthday.


Enjoying ourselves...

Defo enjoying themselves

Wrecking the house...

Food close up....

Love these...apt

Too sweet :-)


Razor Clams and Scallops


I love these lot.

Fish Man.

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