Sunday, 30 June 2013

Garlic Fried Beef Tomato Salad

Garlic Fried Beef Tomato & Burrata Salad

This recipe is super simple but the frying in garlic makes all the difference. 

Preparation / Cooking Time - 5mins
Ingredients - 
Feeds x4
2 x Beef Tomatoes - sliced into 6
2 x Large cloves of garlic - Crushed and finely sliced
12 x Sprigs of fresh basil - gently torn or left whole and leaves separated
Regular oil to fry with -Rape seed oil is a good option
Extra Virgin olive Oil
Rock Salt
Black Pepper
2 x Balls of Burrata
Sour Dough -If you're doing carbs

Instructions - 
Slice the tomatoes and prepare the garlic. Heat up some oil in a flat based frying pan and add the rock salt and garlic, once it starts to cook/sizzle add the sliced tomatoes, once side flat to the pan so they get covered evenly with the garlic and oil, cook for 2mins and remove. You only need to cook one side, this way you still get the crunch and freshness of the tomato but with an amazing garlic flavour.
The burrata is best served torn as it's super creamy and will mix nicely with the garlic oil from the tomatoes (- all to be moped up with a fresh sour dough). 
Once all tomato slices are cooked arrange either on sour dough, starting with a layer of burrata followed by a layer of tomatoes then the fresh basil and black pepper or on a sharing platter, both work really well for this deliciously simple dish.
Promise this won't disappoint.

TIP- If you're in the office and frying in garlic isn't an option, try cutting you fresh garlic in half and rubbing it onto your toasted bread then drizzle oil. You can go as garlicy as you want, then add freshly sliced tomatoes on top with basil and seasoning. Black peppers a must. 

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