Friday, 14 September 2012

Breakfast then a little BBQ in the Sun.

Philli on bagels with avocado and tomatoes - loads of salt and pepper.

My favourite plate...

Breakfast in bed.

Then onto the BBQ...lunch!!
Sausages, onions, asparagus, courgette and hollumi.

Always make sure the coals are glowing white before adding any food otherwise you get a chemical smell/taste in your food.

Red peppers and aubergines- probably my fav things to have on the bbq.
Add oil to veg first and season before putting on the bbq otherwise you'll just make the bbq flame and everything ends up chargrilled.

Snoozing Toods

Dead doggy, defo still obsessed with the dog, probably more every day.

Mine and Cute

For a bit of variation and to ensure a good thoroughly melted piece of cheese place over the meat on the bbq.

'Men,' 'maning' the men do.

Soz about the cheap hot dog rolls...not my doing!!!

My carb contribution at least it's wholegrain!!

Spicy tomato bruschetta thing, using turkish flatbread. Slice in half then bbq/toast on both sides, rub with garlic clove (sliced in half first) and add a drizzle of olive oil then add a mixture of finely chopped cherry tomatoes, red onion, red chilli, red wine vinegar and salt and pepper....FIT

Mikey, house mate and favourite man cook.

The bruschetta making...

Looking good.

Parmesan, courgette, rocket and black olive salad with a honey dressing :-)

Topping for the tomato bruschetta 


The BBQ guests who turn up at my house and demand a BBQ...I was having a quiet Sunday, resting!!

So good

Happy Sundays...

                                                                 Finally the Bruschetta

All the empty's

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