Wednesday, 14 November 2012

So I Cooked In A Cupbard..

Imagine a really small cupboard...then having to cook in it...apparently this is classed as a kitchenette!! We decided to stay near Ronda right out in the sticks, amongst fields in Spain- the pictures were gorgeous and Mr & Mrs Smith recommended it but the one room we ended up with was the one they'd forget to describe! It was still lovely but the 360 views of the fields and greenery didn't exist for us and the fancy casitas with the 'designer' bathrooms weren't available.
Despite the disappointment (there was storms and torrential rain) we camped in for the night, cooked in a cupboard and would go back again (just to the bigger apartments!)

So here's my one hob cooking in a cupboard meal for 2 (rekon I could have stretched it to 4 people)

Wanting to keep it Spanish but incorporate some fresh produce, this is what I went with.Also bare in mind the cooking restrictions!!

Potatoes 'bravas' style- I only had cayenne pepper
1/2 Onion finely sliced
1 x tin of good tomatoes
Big sprinkle of cayenne pepper
Loads of salt and pepper

Cook the onions in olive oil first then add the tomatoes and cayenne pepper, cook for 10 minutes then set to one side-

Slice the new potatoes into small cubes- it take less time to cook them if they're smaller and rinse the starch off them then fry in oil for about 15mins, turning every now and then. I added cubed courgettes 5 mins before the potatoes were done then half mixed in the tomato sauce and half left the crispy potatoes out and layered them on top of the sauce,.

I then reheated the tomato sauce in the pan with the potatoes and courgettes...cooked for a few more mins.

Prepared the salad, ripe avocado, tomatoes and little gem lettuces- big dash of good quality olive oil and salt and pepper.

I also added Queso de Oveja (black sheeps cheese) cheese over the top of the potatoes...FIT

Here's the peppers I fried up (only option with the one hob)

And here's how it turned out :-)

And we washed it up in the bathroom sink..

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