Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Fav & Vegetarian (again) Ricotta, Spinach & Pea Filo Pastry Pie

Ricotta - big tub
1 x mug full of frozen peas
1 x big bunch of fresh spinach- it won't wilt down to nothing this way and stays crisp (cook for 1/2 mins no more)
Salt & Pepper- loads of fresh blk pepper
Big sprinkle (x2 tsp) of nutmeg
1 x white onion
1 x whole zest of a lemon
1 x handful of grated cheese

Fry up the onion for 5 mins until they soften then add the frozen peas so they can defrost slightly, then add the thoroughly washed spinach and cook for 1/2 mins until it wilts down but not loads- season with salt and pepper then take off the heat and drain off all excess water, you can use a sieve to do this.

Mix in the ricotta and spices, season more if need be- keep having a little taste to make sure it's spot on.
Add the lemon zest  then oil your pan or pie dish and layer up about x6 sheets of filo pastry and add in your mixture. Cover with another 4/5 sheets of filo and cover with melted butter- you can also add butter between each layer but up to you. I then grated cheese over the top so it went all crispy and golden.

Cash & Ted hanging out...


Our American friends...Cash having a little shot!! :-) 

The coolest bubbas I know :-)

Cook this and you'll be just as great as these two....

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