Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Competa & Seville- Holiday BEST bits

1of 2 of the sunny(ish) days in Competa (out of 8) :-(

Easying myself into the holiday spirit.

The view from Competa.

The BEST food we had...NOT JOKING!! A larger version of the padron peppers, fried in olive oil and  with a generous bit of rock salt. These need to be cooked for a bit longer and they're much thicker than the little padron ones.

An actual full day of sunshine in Seville and 30 degrees (before the rain came) , we had a pool and sunbeds and a day of feeling like we were properly on holiday.

All the pretty views in Seville.

This was one of our favourites bars we stumbled on, 5 mins from the main Cathedral...actually into him.

Look how cute AND they were really friendly!

This was defo a good tapas bar...amazing fried fish- Casa Placido-C/Meson del moro 5 & C/Ximenez Enciso 11. Despite still being near the touristy bit was full of locals and laid back.

Look, good fried fish...

And a garnish of cold carrots covered in garlic!!

El Reconcillo- Calle Gerona 42 GO HERE
This tapas bar feels like how Seville should, this is the one that Rick Stein visited but it's well out of the tourist area in the Jewish quarter, the staff were mainly friendly, they chalked up what you'd had on the bar top and it's beautiful inside...and on top of that the tapas were actually nice and didn't taste like recycled tinned veg. 

Obsessed with any tiles really so this place ticked all the boxes.

This even more so...SO much booze.

The meaty bit

The cod in tomato and pepper sauce, this arrived warm and tasted delicious...

More tiles... the rain :-(

Ronda's world heritage site, the old gorge- so beautiful, even in the rain, just a massive shame they filled it out with what seemed like a tourist strip of shite restaurants, but stunning nevertheless.


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