Thursday, 11 October 2012


The theme was musicals...

Obsessed with Krispy's efforts! He had the roller skates on ALL night!

Gorgeous pair of ladies..

Too this!!

All wrong... Way too much visible!!

Big musical sing song...

Round 1 of the hang over/still drunk eating...this is what you can get for £23 in the corner shop and it's all a version of yellow/orange. REAL NICE.

1 Can of Sweetcorn
2 x packs of hula Hoop
2 x packs of Quavers
3 x large bottles of Lucazade
1 x Big bag of Wotsits
1 x Large Jar of gerkins 
1 x Chicken pot noodle

Thinking there must have been more...surely!! 

Mmmmmmm look at it.

And a tin of Spaghetti hoops...
And a packet of chicken noodle soup with way too much water in it.

Think I had to consider a vomit after eating this...and we shared it between 5 of us...NO SHAME or idea what would help the hangover, all a bad idea!!

This on the other hand when I finally got out of bed for longer than a half hour stint at 9PM was delicious...Kingsland Curries, although since then have had Bombay Munch which is next level, an amazing take out and not too pricey. TRY TRY TRY (if you're east!!)

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