Friday, 3 October 2014

Garlic Fried Samphire, Courgette & Chilli Lumaconi

Garlic Fried Samphire, Courgette & Chilli Lumaconi

Preparation Time – 10-15 minutes
Cooking Time – 20-25 minutes
Feeds – 4-6

Ingredients –

500g Lumaconi Pasta
Sprinkle of Salt Flakes
2 Generous glugs of good quality Olive Oil
4-5 Large cloves of Garlic – Crushed and finely chopped
1 Red Chilli – Finely sliced
2 Courgettes - Finely chopped or put through a ‘Spiralizer’
Large handful of Samphire
3 Slices of stale Sourdough - Roughly chopped/blitzed into breadcrumbs and roasted
Small handful of Parsley – Roughly chopped
Generous sprinkle of freshly ground Black Pepper
120g of Vegetarian Parmesan – Finely Grated

Instructions –

Start by boiling a large pan of water (use the kettle to help speed things up). Add a sprinkle of salt then add in the pasta, stirring and cooking for 12-15 minutes until al dente. Drain once cooked.

While the pasta cooks, roast the breadcrumbs by spreading out on a tray and roasting for 3-5 minutes 190 degrees Celsius or until golden.

In a large frying pan combine the garlic, chilli, breadcrumbs and oil over a medium to high heat and cook for a minute or so being careful to not let the garlic brown. Next add in the courgette and samphire, cooking for a further minute or two before adding the pasta. Stir to ensure an even coating before serving with generous amounts of black pepper, parsley and veggie Parmesan.


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