Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Asian Eats EAST London

Asian Eats EAST
Having lived in Hackney for a fair few years now (coming up to 12!) I can safely say that there’s always been a lack of great Asian food. We have several Vietnamese restaurants in the area but I’m not 100% won over by these, despite loyally returning to check for any improvements over the years, I’m forever dreaming of an amazing Thai or Japanese (specifically dumplings) restaurant. It seems that finally my prayers have been answered (well in half measures as these are only pop-ups so not quite permanent residents to the area) but on trying them I’ll most definitely be making the most out of having new neighbours.

Act Quickly…My Neighbours the Dumplings currently have just two weeks left in their current residence on Wilton Way. They’re on the hunt for a new venue but just in case you can, you should get down there ASAP and eat the entire menu. What I loved was the perfect combination of the low key, laid back, NYC vibes that this place has going on. The staff were super friendly (and that’s not a given in East London) the music was on the money (think Rolling Stones and Bowie) and the dumpling options and spicy papaya salad were incredible. If only their residency was lasting a little longer…

Som Saa, currently in residence at Climpson Arch just off London Fields is a complete feast of flavours, championing regional Northern Thai dishes. This place has got it nailed (we waited over an hour and half, so get there early). If you do have to wait make sure you try the fermented pork off the snacking menu, A steal at only £4. As the warmth of summer comes, enjoy the outside table area where Prosecco is on tap and delicious Thai inspired fragrant cocktail concoctions flow freely. The deep fried sea bass seemed to be a favourite amongst the packed out communal dining room however we opted for the Northern style pork belly curry, in fact we had the vegetarian version as well with sweet potato, the Papaya Salad and the Long Aubergine Salad which were suitably spicy. I also tried the grilled chicken leg which came highly recommended by fellow diners and didn’t fail to impress. I have to say we couldn’t rave enough about the food… fresh, bold flavours, they weren’t afraid to remain faithful to a good level of spice which I’m always a fan of. I’ll be returning this week!

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