Wednesday, 21 September 2011

The Best Pasta Dish (think I say this all the time but this is a good one) AND I forgot to post this one after the camping trip!!

In the Kitchen/Bedroom

CAMPING COOKING TIPS...(that I wished I thought through before!!)
Don't cook in the dark!
Don't forget lids to pans (helps things cook quicker and saves gas)
Make sure everyones out of your way, cooking in the van is borderline stressful if other people are in there too!
Make sure knives are sharp-Bring your favourites
Don't forget Salt/Pepper & at least one dried herb...oh and oil!
Bring a chopping board- it's good for serving food on too so your not making extra washing up for yourself.

Ripe salads stuff :-)

Garlic x 3 Crushed then sliced
Large Spring Onions x 2 finely sliced
Big handful of Sun dried tomatoes sliced
Fry in Oil for 2/3mins
Good sprinkle of herb de provence

I totally cheated on the rest of the sauce, found a little local shop that was selling amazing meats, cheeses, home made pastas and sauces so got a home made Arrabiata sauce...SO GOOD!!
Onion, garlic, red pepper/dried chilli, white wine, fresh tomatoes, basil, parsley, dash of sugar.

Added Anchovies and Proscuitto, some meat for the boys...

Huge salad or Avocado, Tomato, Mozzarella and lettuce...french dressing, chopped up  and left on the board for minimal washing up!!

Parmesan to finish it off

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