Monday, 5 September 2011


Ted busy as ever...

FMC Fish Man Craig gave me 40mins of sustainable fish chat and with a budget of a £10 I got 1 x Gurnard, 1 x Wrasse (smaller bycatch) big hand full of mussels, bunch of parsley, bunch of tarragon, 1 x shallot lrg, 1 x lrg fennel 

Base of the fish stock-
1x lrg Onion with 7 x cloves
2 x fresh bay leaves
Handful of tarragon
2 x stalks of celery
1/2 a bulb of fennel
Salt & Pepper corns
A dash of white pepper

Fish Man Craig descaled and gutted the fish and added a few extra heads in there- Apparently you have to rinse the fish as you don't want any blood or guts in the fish stock.

Add a splash of White Wine, and water bring to the boil for 5mins then simmer for 20.

Bouillabaisse -
Finely Slice the Shallot
Finely Slice the Fennel
Take the fennel green wispy leafy bits and add those too-good to enhance the aniseed flavour.
Few Sprigs of Tarragon
Few slices or red Chilli
Lightly fry with Oil
Then add a tin of tomatoes and a squeeze of tomato puree
When you've drained the fish stock through a sieve then add it to the bouillabaisse

Finely slice then rinse the potatoes put them into a tray of oil, sprinkle with rock salt, black pepper, paprika add a few sprigs of tarragon and roast.

Finely sliced cabbage and yellow courgette 

Add the fresh white fish and fresh cherry tomatoes 3/4mins before serving the simmering stock

Add the cleaned mussels that are all closed and let cook for the 3/4mins

Make sure the potatoes crispen up...

Add parsley 

Get the bake in the oven french stick so it's crispy and soft on the inside add loads of fresh butter and dunk in bouillabaisse.

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