Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Crispy Duck Soup With All The Greens

Vietnamese duck stock cubes are great to use and cheap but if you can't get hold of them you can use chicken stock and add 2 x teaspoon of sugar, ginger, garlic and lemon grass- just fry up and add to stock.
I love a broth type thing and you can add any veg or beans you want to this one.
-NOTE Don't over cook the veg so once you're happy with your stock and you're meats cooked and ready to go add the veg so it only cooks for max 5mins.

Keeping an eye on things!

The soup and veggie bit

Cook the duck breasts by slicing through the fat of the duck and seasoning with 5 spice, ginger powder and salt & pepper.
- Cook them in a pan fat side down until golden- about 6mins
- Turn them over for a further 2 and let rest for 10mins then slice and add to soup.


Garnish with coriander- add at the end of cooking so still has that fresh taste :-) I LOVE THIS

My housemate even said this is one of the best meals I've EVER made him!!! Pleased!

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