Wednesday, 28 December 2011

A Veggie Feast / Something to add your left over turkey to...

Roasted Cauliflower is the best, my housemate Mikey introduced me to this and it's fit!

Add the following to a tray of sliced up cauliflower:
Olive oil
Salt & Pepper
Roast on 200 for 35mins, give it a shake about half way through then add to a peppery rocket salad with a honey, lemon, olive oil and white wine vinegar dressing :-)

Make a quick simple fresh Salsa
Dice up: 
1/2 x Red Onion
Big bunch of parsley & coriander
Cherry tomates
(Add avocado to make it guacamole) 
Then a big glug of red wine vinegar & or a big squeeze of lime
Season with Salt & Pepper
Add 1/2 a red chilli depending on how strong it is- The size normally gives it away, the smaller the hotter!

Grated Cheese & Fresh parsley to add

Roasted Red Pepper, Courgette & Tomato
You can buy the jars of roasted red peppers, they're cheap and sweet tasting.
Crush then slice 2 cloves of garlic in a glug of olive oil
Add the finely sliced courgettes and let them fry away for a few mins until they start to soften
Add 1 x tin tomatoes 
Sprinkle of oregano or thyme
Small glug of white wine if you have (not essential)
Let this cook for 5mins then add the long strips of roasted red peppers.
Add the other half of your chilli  and it's ready to serve up.

This was a combination of a load of random bits left over in the fridge and cupboard...but it worked out!

 Combine them all in a warmed up wrap

The sour cream finishes it off and if you make it too spicy this is a good way to take out some of the heat.

Love this type of meal...and love that you get to make it up yourself and sort out all your fav bits, you could really easily add meat to this dish by either sty frying it separately or adding it to the peppers and courgettes.


Want to eat it again... 

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