Tuesday, 24 January 2012

LA does BREAKFASTS in a big way!!!

La from the hills

Power Lesbians first breaky

The pancakes that you die for and of.... :-)


A light calorie free breakfast....NOT

Dan actually goes healthy...

Scrambled egg, cappers, pesto, spring onions, prawns & tomatoes

Omelette with salsa, avocado and sour cream...AND fruit salad.

Pancakes with strawberries...SO GOOD

Too far....

Omelette with steak and melted cheese, onion and salsa....SO GREAT.

Heaven on a table / 3 days worth of calories

Ooooh white legs....

Finally something that doesn't scream type 2 diabetes 

Fried egg on tortilla with tomato sauce and cheese.YUM

Eggs Benedict...BUT with Chicken, really?????

2 Maple Syrups down :-(

Possibly the breakfast winner- tortilla with fried egg avocado, black beans and rice & almonds

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