Sunday, 22 January 2012

Steamboat Dinner Do

Finely slice all of the above and put them into separate bowls-
Fried Fish Cake
Chinese Greens
Spring Onions
Thai basil
We also had fried fish balls, cuttlefish balls, fried tofu, and both Shabu Shabu (really super finely slices meat) beef and pork.

Make up your broth- I got it wrong and finely chopped all the veg up too small - it's easier to leave it in big chunks then you can take it out before you start cooking all your extras in it. It was still yum...thank god!!!
2 x Carrots Chopped into large chunks
1 x White Onion
1 x Spring Onion
Ideally you'd use chicken bones to make a propper chicken broth but stock cubes work too
x 2 Chicken Stock cubes
Add any Thai stock cubes you have too or a dash of sugar  and a good sprinkle of white pepper
Sprinkle in some coriander roots.
Cook for 45mins let it reduce and the flavours intensify!

Everyone should have their own individual dipping sauce...
Mix the following:
5 x generous tbsp of Soy sauce (if using dark you'll probably need to add more white wine vinegar)
3 tbsps of white wine vinegar
Palm sugar or a tsp of white sugar
Finely chopped coriander 1 tbsp worth
1/5 of red chilli (depending on how spicy you like it)
Tiny dash of fish sauce
Finely Sliced Spring Onions
Lime juice
-Keep trying it you want to get the perfect mixture of sweet, sour and spicy.

Apphia, the pro at all this...

Rice Noodles- Just add boiling water to them then drain after 5 mins, they'll be cooked.

Shabu shabu beef and pork- Super finely sliced meat- It cooks really fast in the stock this way.


Dried red dates and wolf berries x 1 handful- add to the stock

Marlow, Teds friend :-)

Dipping sauce- I added a bit of mango chutney to this one, just as a test, was good, another way to sweeten it up!

Our table with the camping gas stove to carry on cooking the stock on- once the stocks boiling on this then you can get started on adding the fish balls, meat and veg, start with the bigger more dense bits like fish balls and tofu and add the veg last as it cooks in less time. You can either throw it all in or keep everything in your own little basket- the meat should only take a few minutes and the fried fish balls you just need to re heat.

George and Apphs...with my late wedding gift!!

Few drinks in...and an unflattering flash!!

All the bits and bobs.

The stock/ steam boat

Apphs talking us through how it all works...

Shabu Shabu Beef and Pork

Dipping Sauce



Add cooked rice and egg at the end to make up a porridge- FIT!

Add braised peanuts...Again FIT!


Gluggle Jug :-)

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