Sunday, 18 March 2012

Nans Sausage Plait & Peppermint Chocolate Gateau

Sausage Meat
Sage & Onion Paxo- Cooked /Water added
Onions cubed
Pepers cubed
Salt & Pepper (white pepper is yum with sausage meat)

Lay the sausage meat out on the pre rolled puff pastry
Add some decorative red pepper if you like, sometimes Nan does it in rings, whatever you fancy, mushrooms are also a good addition.

Do the plait- Slice the sides of the pastry and take it in turns to fold over the meat then glaze with a whisked egg so it goes golden. 

Make a few extra if you've got left overs- mini sausage rolls.

NANs TOP TIP- Rinse the baking tray with water and leave it quite wet so that it steams and makes the pastry even more crispy when it cooks-
Also ODn't over fill the plait, it will take forever to cook and the waits the hardest part!
Heat the oven to 220 and cook for 30mins.


Nan served it with roast potatoes, veg and a tomatoes sauce, sometimes its a curry sauce or just mustard and piccalilli or salad or just on it's own :-)


Sneaky pic of Granddad :-)

Nans chocolate peppermint and cherry gateau :-)

Very pleased with the cake...nearly as much as I was.


Have to recreate this...

Nans recipe...try it.

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