Tuesday, 27 March 2012

VEGGIE Home made pasta & AMAZING!!!

Me and my brother made Granddad get the torch out and check out what the secret corner cupboard had in it...and not only was there the mincing attachment, but the sieve and pasta making attachment for my Kenwood Major (not just the Chef....that lucky!!) I'm OBSESSED, I even got in one night and put the 20minute dvd of 'What your Kenwood is capable of' on....that obsessed.

So despite my NO carbs diet have got on the pasta making...I LOVE PASTA!!

Nans 'vintage' Kenwood book...still in use!

Granddad please with his extra cupboard space and happy modelling the pasta attachment...

A recipe I made when I was about 5 at school...and Nans kept it!!  :-)

500g plain flour or '00' flour
4 x Free Range Medium eggs
1 x tsp of salt
1 x tsp /2.5ml of olive oil
(Mix with K beater on speed 1 until it's crumbly- 1/2mins then add in small portions to the pasta attachment)

Just like this....and nothing like when making it by hand- spend 4/5mins kneading it by hand until spongey then roll through pasta machine working your way from highest to lowest setting.

The pasta was a bit thick...but that was the attachment...might need more practise with this, it's whole new world of pasta making!


Goats Cheese & Lemon Zest to finish

1 x White Onion Diced
2 x Dried Red Chili / or 1 x fresh red chili -seeds taken out
A big generous glug of rape seed oil- enough to cover the onions with-better to cook with than olive Oil
1/2 Lemon zest grated into it
Salt & pepper
3 x Garlic crushed then sliced (add these a few minutes after the onions as you want the onion to cook more than the garlic and don't let the garlic go brown and burn.
1 x tsp of white sugar 

-Once you let the onions go transparent then take off the heat, add a few large handfuls of washed spinach and finely slightly cooked/preserved red peppers (I take it off the heat because I don't the spinach to over cook and shrivel to nothing)

Save the goats cheese, feta or whatever you fancy to add when serving.

Drain the pasta but don't shake the water off too much as this adds to the sauce.

Mix pasta into pan.
Add 2 x tbsp of pesto
1/2 Lemon zest to serve
2 x fresh and diced tomatoes
Big sprinkle of parmesan
Loads of extra black pepper

This still doesn't look as great as it tasted- my photography might have let this dish down but try it coz it's a great and beyond fit veggie dish.

Sprinkle with chives or parsley- I was using up whatever I had in the fridge.




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  1. Love the Pasta, I have never made my own, but I am going to try this out.
    I Wanted a Kitchen Aid, but they are so expensive here in France, I ended up buying a Chef on Ebay and use it all the time, It makes the most light cakes of all.
    Thank you for sharing your recipes, will be following you along