Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Mothers Great Meatloafy Sausage Slice Recipe & Christmas Pics

More beefeater favourites :-)

Christmas Day Breakfast-
Toasted Bagel
Cream Cheese (full fat)
Avocado- ripe and ready to go
Sweet Pickled Gherkins 
Salt & Pepper

So easy and SO good.

Nan & Granddad...using a bit of modern technology, Skype! :-)


Mum & Bro

Nan & Gramps rocking a cap at 83!!

Nan in a bit of House of Holland...LOVE this!!

You're right it is rude!!

I forgot to take a pic but trust me when I say Mothers stuffing slice is top notch-

She combines the following and roasts it-
250g sausage meat
250g mince beef
Cooked Chestnuts x 1 pack
Paxo stuffing mix x sml pack
Bacon lardons
1 x egg
1 x generous sprinkle of herb de provence/oregano
Salt & pepper
1x handful of dried cranberries
Cook on 180 for 50mins or until crispy round the edges.

Mother does it in a cake tin then serves up slices, you can also cook this in the neck of the turkey or in a meatloaf tin.

It's FIT

Bro in the spirit of things/scoffing

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