Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Holiday Pics...PARADISE and some Thai food.

Non photoshopped pics...actually this gorgeous and what's great is it feels like it never happened.

Nham Whan (Nelly) 2.5yrs, strong on the pitch

Fresh caught Seabass

Which I chose to have deep fried...upps, just fancied it!! I'd been healthy up until that point!

I didn't eat these but they looked so good.

The most people ever on the beach at one time.

:-) A good 8 hours, practically a work day looking out at this :-)

Few drinks daily to get through the trauma of having to watch this go down.

Chilli pepper squid..really peppery, loads of fresh black and white pepper LOADS!
Perfect with a little beer at lunch. 
1 x clove of garlic crushed then finely sliced
Big glug of oil
1 x tbsp of fresh black pepper- big generous one
1/2 red chilli finely sliced-medium sized chilli=medium spice/sml chilli= hottttttt
2cm piece of ginger crushed and finely sliced then cubed.
Fry it all up and season with a dash of fish sauce and a dash of soy.

Add the sliced squid into the sauce once you've cooked it on a high heat for a few minutes and cook the squid for a further 2mins, it will curl up further once it's cooked through.
YUM (and NO carbs!!)


Freshly caught that day...

More YUM

Loved the chefs on hand to cook whichever fish you wanted and whichever way you wanted, steamed, fried, poached and bbq'd.

This beach every day x 11 days

Similan 10 diving site world wide, sand so white, sea SO blue and loads of fish just like Nemo. Shame about the tourist speed boat with the mentalist tour guide Sean who'd stayed at the party a bit too long :-(

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