Sunday, 3 February 2013

Bit More Thai Including Garlic Cashew Rice, Greens and Papaya Salad

Outside our hotel :-)

This is the amount of condiments I need in my life.
Chilli Powder/Soy Sauce/Fish Sauce/Chilli Sauce/ Chilli Oil/Sweet Chilli Sauce/Salt/White Pepper

I'm OBSESSED with this...Garlic Rice with Cashews
Cook up your rice separately then crush and finely slice 2 cloves of garlic and 2 big handfuls of cashews and gently fry them in oil with a dash of fish sauce and soy sauce- about 1 x tbsp of each- add a generous glug of oil and cook until golden. Mix this in with your cooked rice- save some cashews to sprinkle over the top when serving. It's SO GOOD!! It has a really great toasted/roasted flavour to it. 

This is also super simply but tastes amazing and you can do it with any version of greens, pak choy, morning glory, asparagus..whatever you fancy. 
Crush and finely slice 2 x cloves of garlic then gently cook in oil- don't let them go golden so cook on a low heat in a small amount of oil, then add 3 generous glugs of oyster sauce and add the cleaned greens and cook on medium heat for 3/4 mins. Serve the veg so it's still crispy and not overcooked. 

This with rice is totally enough for me but...there's other options!

Like this...add your greens and cashew garlic rice to your tom yum take it to the next level. 
This is such a good dinner party meal too, people can help themselves this way.

I must have eaten this a million times when I was away...seafood every time :-)

Ratchaprapa Dam- beyond beautiful, we drove there, about 2hrs from Khoa Lak-

The long boats that take you out and around the dam.

We got to dive in off the boat, no one around but us :-) 

Make your own soup...into it :-)

Green Papaya can be bought fresh or shredded and frozen...either works for this as all the flavour is in the sauce.

Papaya Fresh/Or Frozen (defrost in tepid water)
White cabbage/ chinese Cabbage- to bulk out the salad 

3 Garlic Cloves
Pinch of Salt
1 lime
Cherry Tomatoes quartered x 6
1 Red Chilli (Or to Taste)
3/4 Tablespoons of shaved palm sugar (Normal sugar can work if desperate)
3 Tablespoons of fish sauce (to taste)
Muddle all of the above and double quantities if make larger portions or if you like extra sauce
Mix with veg....
Garnish with coriander and some finely sliced fresh mint.

I still need to learn how to do this!!

Probably a quatre of our evening feast.

Our beach waitress

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