Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Feed Me Italian- Chiao Bella- Literally the BEST Italian

86-90 Lamb's Conduit St Bloomsbury

I kind of don't want to tell people about this place...that's how good it is and already too many people know about it. Always packed, Always!! In fact so packed that they have seating outside under heaters because I imagine they need the room!! 
This place is chaos, in the Italian sense of the word, the waiters have been there for years, you arrive at your table where they immediately place two bowls down, one full of hunks of parmesan cheese and one full of black olives, already the diets out the's impossible here, the pizzas are ridiculously good, the chilli oil actually has some heat, the carbonara creamy in the eggy way, like it should be and above everything they're happy to leave you with a bottle of lemoncello at the end of the we demolished a good 3/4 of it and they were still as happy as we were. 

This really got us off on the right foot and plater of olives and huge chinks of parmesan. INTO IT.

It's old school family run Italian.

Mussels with a choice of red or white sauce...white please!!

Love the 70's edge to everything. Heros!

Not my doing but great, tomato garlic pizza to start!!

Get In MY Gob

Followed by a pizza which they did half and half for us- half tropical, half American hot, we then ordered a carbonara and shared it all...why miss out. Why even attempt to be decisive!!

And the chilli oil...propper chilli oil. Can't beat it!!

Then the salmon and cream option. Want it all now again.

This was next level!! :-) In fact this x 2 was pretty great too.

6 of these each...WHY WHYYYYY leave the bottle on the table???!! Headache and pissed up!

Toods witha  thirst on!! Can't resist a pint!

OBSESSED 3 thumbs up- LOVE IT!

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