Sunday, 24 February 2013

ANOTHER Veggie Triumph!!! And one for dieters!! And well cheap.

Here it is...veggie soup/broth with whatever veg I had topped with harissa and creme fraiche (low fat on this occasion)
Perfect for using up all your left over veg from the wk.

It's so good!! And the easiest thing to make in 20 mins- probs less.

1/2 White Onion roughly chopped- quite thin so it doesn't take too long to cook- apply this thought to all veg- it's a good tip if you're hungry!!
2 x carrots-roughly chopped
3 x garlic- crushed and finely cubed
 Glug of olive oil
Salt & black crushed pepper & WHITE pepper (key to any good soup)
Add at least 2 pints of water
2 x veggie stock cubes
fresh thyme or dried oregano
let this all cook for 10 mins then add the following (this can be any type of quick cooking veg)
and lastly when you're happy with the flavour and ready to serve up add your finely sliced cabbage.
Cook for a further 2 mins so you're cabbage is still crunchy.
At this stage you can either save the creme fraiche for when you serve and just add a dollop or mix a spoonful in pre serving.

What really turns this dish into a winner is the dollop of harissa..this doesn't even sound or look special but trust is!

Always use white and black pepper in soups, it adds some heat.

If you're a soupy person you're gonna love this or if you've had a big wknd and need some veg and spice then it's ticking all the boxes.

So good.

Enough for 6 people and lunch the next day!!! 


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