Friday, 1 March 2013

Mexican Breakfast Or Mexican Dinner...Same Same!!

All the necessary sauces to cure a massive hangover and liven up your Mexican breakie.

Sour cream...don't leave this out (especially if you can't handle the spice) it's just needed with Mexican!


House mate Mikey made this (I'm normally much lazier and just leave it lumpy but he gave it some elbow and we had smooth guac) 
Enough for a big breakfast for x8
3 x ripe and ready to eat avocados- mushed and made all smooth
1x tbsp of tabasco (he's tabasco obsessed)
Big pinch of rock salt and black pepper
Big sprinkle of white pepper too (I'm obsessed)
2x fresh lime juice- squeezed
Small bunch of finely chopped coriander 
1 x medium spice red chilli finely sliced
Glug of red wine vinegar.
Mix it all up!
(make sure you include the lime juice so it doesn't go off and go all browny)

Tomato Salsa-

Big bunch of on the vine cherry tomatoes, finely sliced (sharpen your knife for helps)
1 x red onion- finely sliced (cubed if you don;t like big chunks of onion)
1 x red chilli -finely sliced
Big generous glug of red wine vinegar
Big pinch of rock salt and black pepper
Big sprinkle of white pepper 
Small handful of finely chopped coriander or parsley if you prefer.

Grated feta...sounds like a waste of time but I swear it works it!

A little drizzle of tabasco and olive oil, salt pepper and a coriander leave to garnish!

Duck eggs...fancy but YUM!

Be generous with your oil when frying eggs, don't miss out on the crispy underside!

And....wait for it, VEGGIE Chorizo!!!! I KNOW!!!!

It wasn't bad actually and apparently nothing was killed when making it so that means it tastes better ;-)

BEST Breakfast...and can totally work as a good dinner party option.

And a little something for Ted too.

Keen much


A one off treat...I swear!! My dog is disciplined!!


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