Thursday, 14 March 2013

Giant Bruschetta- Dinner Party Dish

Preparation Time- 20 mins (It's mainly chopping)

Feeds- Up to 8/10 as a starter or 6 as a big main

Ingredients Needed- (You can go with everything or pick out the bits you like most-maybe 2 cheeses is quite extravagant)

Basil Pesto- (minus the pine nuts)
1 x Pack of fresh basil
1 x Lump of fresh parmesan- finely grated
2 x Garlic cloves- crushed
Sprinkle of rock salt
Instructions- Muddle together in pestle and mortar and add half a mug of extra virgin olive oil when it's all ground up.

1 x Turkish flat bread- Cut longways in half 
1 x Small jar of capers (optional)
1 x Small jar of cornichons (optional) - roughly chopped
2 x Vines of cherry tomatoes -around 15/20 - roughly sliced
2 x Mozzarella balls- roughly torn
1 x Halloumi- - cut into slices or cubed then fried
1/2 x Bag of rocket
1/2 White Onion- finely sliced
Big glug of red wine vinegar
Salt & pepper
Freshly torn basil leaves to garnish

Roasted aubergine-slice and oven bake for 25 in oil.

For the Bruschetta all ingredient can be sliced/torn and added- all mates can help get involved with this to make it even quicker.
The only thing that needs frying in the halloumi- place in a not stick frying pan with a tiny bit of oil as it lets out moisture when cooks and cook on one side for 3 mins until crispy- I only cook it on one side as it makes it crispy but doesn't dry it out too much.
One it's cooked put it to one side. 

For the actual bread part, slice in half and either make two lots of bruschetta bases for double the food or make croutons with one side of it. For the croutons you can add these to the frying pan you cooked the halloumi in, with a dash of extra oil and sprinkle of dried oregano or crushed garlic.
For the bruschetta base you can just put it in the oven with a drizzle of oil and a brush of garlic- (slice a large garlic clove in half and rub the top of the bread with it, all over) Leave it in the oven for 5/10 mins to go a bit crunchy or place under the grill and keep a good eye on it.

Make sure that if you're having the aubergine that you slices it about half a cm thick and cover in oil and season with salt & pepper -get the oven on high ASAP so you're nit waiting on these.

Mix it all together in a bowl- Into this recipe because everything's fresh and you can put as much or as many of the ingredients in there as you like...or as little!

Slice the bread up if you're doing croutons and add to the frying pan you cooked the halloumi in (saving on washing up)...dried oregano, crushed garlic and a dash of oil so they go all crispy. They cook in 3/4 mins.
 TIP- Add them to the rest of the mixture just before serving so they don't go soggy.

There was an avocado lover so we did a avocado, chilli flake and coriander guac-just mushed it all together. 

Adding the halloumi and croutons last minute before serving.

Turkish flatbread oven baked with oil and garlic plus the roasted aubergine.

The all the rest of the the basil pesto on top.

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