Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Dirty Double Dog


3 Mustard Mix- Dijon/English/French's...or a 'Genuine American Mustard'
For the Dirty Dog-'Real German Frankurters' ideally in a brine
Smoked Bacon
Red Chillies
Crispy Sweet Red Onions
Extra Mature Cheddar
Home Bake Baguette
Gherkins to Garnish

All In 15 Minutes!!

Step 1-Get the oven on high & add the following- 

-Chillies (alternatively for smoked chilli place chilli directly into gas flame so it blackens-mind your fingers!!)
-The bake in the oven baguette -They're amazing for crunchiness- they take 10mins
 -Take x2 of the 'Real German Frankfurters' and wrap them in the smoked bacon (add these on a separate tray-so no bacon juice interferes with your crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside baguette)

Step 2-
Finely slice the red onion into loops and cook in oil & 1 x tsp of sugar until golden sticky & crispy.-Takes 5/6 mins

Step 3- 
 Make up your 3 mustard mix...mix the mustards up!

Step 4-
Finely grate your mature cheddar & add to the baguette half way through cooking it so it goes crispy on the outside.

Step 5-
Finely slice up your gherkins

Step 6-
Get the Ketchup ready to go

Step 7-
Once baguette is cooked, slice in half add a serious amount of the 3 mustard mix, half the portion of onions followed by the ketchup.

Step 8-
 Make sure bacon is crispy enough and place the double dog into your baguette

Step 9-
Add another layer of the mustard mix and another layer of onions.

Step 10-
Garnish with gherkins and roasted chilli and GET IT IN YOUR GOB!


  1. Loser! You deleted my previous comment. Boohoo boohoo.

  2. Sorry I should have explained that if you roast chillies then they turn sweet so you can eat them! Also worried you might have missed the point of the 'Dirty Double Dog' the idea was that you use non gourmet ingredients. Hope that helps and sorry you thought it was a massive fail...will try and do better next time!

    1. Ah that explains it! Sorry I shouldn't have used such strong phrases, but I was joking - hope that came across.