Saturday, 23 March 2013

Sweet (ISH) Thursday!!! Review...

A reasonable menu...some big deal about the wine shop being in the restaurant, they charge a  7.50 corkage fee and it just means they can offer a larger wine list and even they seemed confused about what the plus side of having the shop was. In fact when we ordered a bottle of prosecco (it was pay day) they didn't have stock of it...thank god for the wine shop!!!

 Aside from the lighting almost being on the mark it was still a bit bright...and everything still a bit average.
The food wasn't anything to complain about but equally we made our own pizza so the menu wasn't that inspiring either. Despite their efforts to swap out the classic tomato sauce base for various other puree'd veg. I have to say I'm more into a classically and well made pizza, no scrimping on the mozzarella or chosen additions....which they did a bit on the mozzarella!! WHY!?? Why mess with something that works so well!!??

 The burrata and stewed cherry tomatoes were all good but hate a stingey effort on the basil, however on asking for extra they delivered in abundance so all was good there!!

 We opted for a make sure your own pizza...he's veggie I'm not...and I'm defo not into a white or orange sweet potato base pizza so this seemed like a fair option and we got to choose all the good bits...egg, olives, fresh chilli and mozzarella. 

Kind of like there to be mozzarella all over the pizza base...not too many solo tomato sauce spots.

Courgette fritters with savoury doughnuts. A little aioli wouldn't have gone amiss here!

Was actually into the chilli oil in the Coca Cola's the little things!! Plus it it had some kick to it.

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