Saturday, 23 March 2013

MEZCAL CANTINA 127 Kingsland Road- TRY IT

So I'd heard good things about this place...

A taco platter...a strong starter option- the tacos included pulled pork (the only pork options on the menu other than the ribs, although I'm not complaining, they were great- the meat completely fell off the bones)-there was also beef and veggie taco options. The salsa was fresh and I like getting stuck in and combining a bit of everything, I can obviously also accommodate my chilli craving this way too, adding as much extras fresh and bottled as possible.

Chicken Mole Enchiladas - good but slightly misguiding-they gave it the chilli sign and there was NO spice in sight. Super rich, the chocolate really comes through but a bit too much, plus it was swamped in it, some fresh chilli would have cut through the richness of the sauce and given it the kick it promised.

This on the other hand was a wise choice, the make it yourself route is a safe option here, can't believe I'm mentioning this but the grilled spring onion really struck a chord for me!! Salsas were good but again could defo do with more punch-chilli it up. The beef was good, rare and cooked to perfection.

This what I opted for for my main- chicken enchiladas verdes, and with it being the one main course that they gave the double chilli sign to I thought the chilli side of things would defo be it turns out there was still NO heat here!!  But with the addition of the fluro green jalapeno sauce I was back on track. This was good, I was happy but again felt like they could have gone a bit easier on the sauce- totally swimming in it...just a tiny bit less!! Give me an option to not have it with every mouthful.

Obvs still managed to demolish it.

And then there's these...had a few of good!! Should have probably tried the mezcal but obsessed with the PISCO SOUR.

1/4 Cup of Pisco
1 tbsp of Sugar
1 tbsp fresh lime
1 teaspoon of egg whites

Blend all of the above with x3 ice cubes and serve with a sprinkling of cinnamon.

Overall totally into it all.

The chaos and atmosphere of the place made for a fun night out, we all got a bit carried away with the cocktails and let loose a bit...and money wise the cocktails weren't too pricey around £7 each and were super strong, mains varied from between £12 and £16 for the steak and starters weren't too pricey either.

Overall, there was a good atmosphere in there, I like the chaos.
7/10 Give me more Chilli and this could be up'd!

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