Sunday, 10 February 2013

Italian... Thai Style and Snacks.

So Happy


Still happy... 

And then here's the Italian.

Tricky one to work out, but it'a actually a revolutionary vegetarian Italian dish.
Consisting of; tomato and rosemary sauce on spaghetti with a sweet potato omelette on top.
Had it before??? 

I actually really liked this!! I obviously didn't order it but helped clean up the plate.

To recreate:
Tomato and rosemary sauce-
1 x white onion- finely cubed
1 x carrot finely cubed
3 x cloves of garlic finely sliced and crushed
1 x tin of plum tomatoes 
1 x large sprig of rosemary
1 tsp of sugar
1 x tbsp of tomato puree
1/2 pint of veggie stock

Cook the onion garlic and carrot in a pan with olive oil salt and pepper and add the rosemary so it goes slightly crispy- heat on a gentle heat until the carrot softens and the onions go transparent- for about 8-10mins
Then add tin tomatoes and veggie stock plus the sugar, tomato puree and cook for at least 30mins still on a medium heat so it simmers away.

Cook your spaghetti add a sprinkle of salt and use a load of water, give the spaghetti a big stir when adding it the the water to stop it sticking.
Once the spaghetti is cooked 20 mins or so- it should stick to your forehead when it's done- be careful when testing this!!!
When done hold back a tiny bit of the water you cooked it in as this stops it all sticking together- add all of the tomato sauce- mix it in thoroughly. 
-Don't forget to taste through cooking, it may need more sugar or seasoning. 

And for the sweet potato omelette-
Roast your sweet potato for 40 mins then mash it with butter and add salt and pepper-keep to one side ready to add to the omelette.

Crack 4 medium/large eggs in a bowl add a dash of milk, salt and pepper and heat your frying pan. 
Add a chunk of butter to the frying pan- let it melt-NOT burn, have it on a medium heat.
Then add your eggs so the eggs covers the bottom of the pan, then with your wooden spoon/spatula mix it all up then let it re settle across the bottom of the pan- this makes it cook quicker, give it a minute and when it looks like the eggs cooking through add your sweet potato to one half of the omelette and then fold over the other half on top of it. 
Give it another minute and when it looks like the egg's cooked enough- not too sloppy you can serve it on top of the pasta.

NOTE- This is well filling so maybe split the omelette.

Then hug a tiny 2 week old puppy for as long as you can...

If you're still hungry these are the local 24/7 shop delicacies-such a wide variety of hot sausages.. 


And then there's the pizza bolognese sandwich, they offer this heated, so in fact don't bother with cooking the above, you can just have this!!

Then there's the large variety of collagen based drinks...NO IDEA!!

 And some more paradise

 Plus a bit more

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