Sunday, 3 February 2013

Winter Mussels on the BBQ

Mussels in a spicy tomato and white wine sauce with lime and coriander

5 x Shallots finely chopped
Fresh Thyme
4 x Garlic - Chopped
2 Big Glugs/ sml glassses of White Wine
2 x Medium sized red chillis
2 x tin tomatoes
2 Bay leaves
Black Eyed Peas x 1 tin

1kilo of Mussels - feeds 4 as a main- make sure you've cleaned and scrapped/pulled all the hairy bits out- give them a tap and add back to cold water to close them up if any have opened pre cooking. if they still don't close don't cook them.

Whole onions stuffed with a garlic cloves and seasoned then wrapped in foil and cooked for 20 mins on the bbq.

Let the coals go white before using the bbq so you don't get the taste of the coals coming through, this needs another 10 mins before it's good to use.

B e prepared if you're cooking outside, take everything you need out so you can cook away with making a hundred trips back in mid cooking.

Love anything fresh, spicy and beany...a good way to skip the hardcore carbs.

5 more mins and a bit more grey and this is ready to go. Be patient as you don't want to get started too soon and for all your food to taste of chemicals from the coal.

Shallots garlic and chilli the basis to anything that tastes good :-)

Fresh Thyme and Coriander- BOTH great herbs-using them fresh makes such a huge difference, these both grown easilt in your garden- try them- Thyme more so than coriander but it can be done. Rosemary and mint are also super easy to grow outside.

See how grey the coals are.


BBQ Onions with a gloves of garlic in the middle- So good!!!
Cut a small cross in the top of the onion and put a peeled garlic clove in, season with salt and pepper and wrap in foil and place on the coals or close to them- good for 10/15mins - they go sweet and sticky.
Use tongs and oven gloves!!!

For the portobello mushrooms, season, drizzle with oil and place round the side of the pan on the grill to cook, turn them over so both sides are cooked through evenly. YUM

Serve it with a squeeze of lemon, extra chilli and extra coriander. If you're not into coriander, use parsley or oregano instead.

Loved this meal so much.

So extras we did on the bbq too.

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