Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Perfect Dinner Party Meal- And An Easy One :-)

If you spend the pennies on getting a decent free range ideally organic chicken then salt, pepper and add some oregano and you're pretty much done.
Cooking the chickens upside down for the first 45 mins then turn them over to for the last 20/25 mins to let the skin crispin up. Let the chicken rest for at least 20mins before serving it, cover with foil but still let the air get to it so the skin stays crispy :-)

You can stuff the inside with fresh herbs- oregano or thyme or can also add some extra fresh herbs on top of the chicken 15 mins before it's done, the herbs stay more flavoursome this way.
I like to add some of the roasties or all of them so they cook in the chicken juice/fat. this is a good way to save oven space too if you need to.

Burrata, made from mozzarella and cream so it's super extra creamy, tear it up with roughly sliced cherry tomatoes, fresh torn basil and rock salt and fresh black pepper and a glug of extra virgin olive oil. A home made pesto with this can also take this to the next level of fitness.

Gem lettuce with cucumber olive oil, lemon and dijon dressing.
3 x big glugs of olive oil
2  tsp of sugar 
Salt & pepper
Squeeze of half a lemon
1 tsp of dijon mustard
Give it all a thorough mix together and serve over the salad just before you're about to eat.

Yum chickens

I cooked the potatoes in goose fat, bit indulgent and not to be done every time...I added the rosemary in 20 mins before they were cooked to maximise the flavour, it works!!
Also make sure you part boil your potatoes first for 10/12 mins then drain the water and shake them about in the pan- you get them all fluffy and crispy this way-A MUST!

Looks a bit messy but such a good meal.

Coco mid chicken dinner

And the best letter I've ever read.

And a very well stocked fridge..booze heavy :-)

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