Wednesday, 3 April 2013

One Dish & Done- Salmon, Crushed New Minty Potatoes, Greens, Eggs and Avocado

Feeds: x4
Cooking Time : 30mins

2 x Filets of Salmon
2 x Big handfuls of New Potatoes -10/15 potatoes
Fresh Greens
4 x Fresh Free Range Eggs
1 x Avocado- Ripe (Hass are the most flavoursome)
Salt & Pepper

Start by adding your new potatoes to the dish you're going to cook everything in- To speed things up you can cut the potatoes in half. The ones I picked up already had butter and mint with them but you can add this or just season with salt and pepper. 
Let the potatoes  roast on 220 for 20 mins

Once the potatoes have started to soften and go crispy crush them with a potato masher and add the fillets of salmon. Season with salt & pepper and a dash of olive oil.
Turn the oven down to 200 & cook for 5/6 mins
Take out and add the shredded greens and then crack an egg for each person over the top of the greens and potatoes. 
Cook for 3/4 mins take it out and all should be ready to go, your eggs should still be runny and salmon cooked through but not over cooked.

Slice your avocado in half- and spoon out chunks of it on top of the dish- drizzle with a dash of extra virgin olive and add extra black pepper.

Put the dish in the middle of the table and let everyone serve themselves.


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  1. This looks AMAZING and will be getting in my gob ASAP.