Thursday, 25 April 2013

The Giant(ish) Stuffed Smoked Cheese Meatball

The Giant(ish) Stuffed Smoked Cheese Meatball
(I made enough for about 90 portions but here's what I'd recommend for 6-8 starter or main portions- these would be great with roasted veg/salad/baked potato...)

350g x Good Quality Minced Beef- find your local butchers & make sure it's good/not horse!!
350g x Good Quality Minced Pork -Same as above!
Home made bread crumbs- a stale loaf works best, either tear/chop it up really fine or blitz in the the blender until fine crumbs. 3 slices should do it.
Salt & White Pepper- be generous on the white pepper
1 x Handful of parsley- finely sliced as fine as you can
1 x Onion (white or red) finely sliced/cubed as small as you can- you can lightly cook these first but make sure that you either let the onions cool first or cook the meatballs straight away.
1x Sprinkle of dried oregano or fresh if you have it.
1 x few sprigs of rosemary- finely sliced and optional
3 x eggs to bind the mixture
200g x Smoked Scarmoza/ Provolone


Tip- If the mixture goes too sloppy when rolling it into balls then add a sprinkle of flour until it binds

Tip- Roll into balls and push the cube of smoked cheese into it them mould the mixture around it- once in a ball leave to rest in the fridge for at least 30mins before cooking so they hold their shape.

I lightly fried these in oil to brown them before cooking them through in the oven for 25/30 mins on 200. You can however just cook these in the oven- it's defo an easier option and if you leave them uncovered then they'll still brown. 

I served with a caramelised onion chutney and and smokey chilli and tomato sauce....

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