Friday, 10 May 2013

Curry Tonight, Breakfast Tomorrow.

Don't waste hard work and a good meal...I made  a few veggie curries and even though I wasn't hungover (I think!) I cooked the left overs up for breakfast the next morning. Best thing I've ever done!
Here's how to get the best out of you left over curry. 

I combined the rice, sag aloo and spicy jalfrezi in one pot, tasted great!!! Made sure I heated it thoroughly and then got the creamy scrambled eggs on the go.  

Coriander And Red Onion Scrambled Eggs
Feeds 4/5
Cooking Time- 10mins
6x Free Range/Organic Eggs
1/4 Pint of cream or milk
1/2 Tub of cream cheese or the equivalent of mascarpone  
1/2 x Red onion- finely sliced (reduces cooking time the finer it's chopped)
1 x Big handful of finely chopped coriander
Salt & pepper (white and Black)

For the best scrambled eggs I always add either cream cheese, cream or mascarpone, I don't like them snotty sloppy but defo creamy and a bit sloppy. On this occasion I added red onion- cooked it up a bit prior to adding the egg mixture and two big dollops- probably half a tub of cream cheese-I was feeding 5 of us! I also added a good sprinkle of chopped coriander, salt & pepper.

Tip- DO use a non stick pan and DON'T use a whisk, use a spatula instead so you get good lumps and not weird fluffy eggs!

Serve this up on top of you heated curry and add a sweet mango chutney or whatever you fancy and if you can handle it add some chopped fresh chilli and a bit extra fresh coriander and any sour cream or extra cream cheese that you have.

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