Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Well & Bucket-- One To Try

Well & Bucket | 143 Bethnal Green Rd E2 7DG |

The Well & Bucket

This places had me with the tiles alone....I have a weird thing for tiles and the fact that they've managed to rescue/dig up the originals makes me happy. The colours can't be beaten and although there's a good few missing across the walls the majority of the puzzle's there. The charm and atmosphere has been  artfully restored, the sky light and copper bar brighten and warms the place making it a good day time boozing spot too. 

If you're not into the 18 variations of beer they have on tap, or the array of oysters, then I think you'll still find something amongst the fries and curry sauce or the sliders (mini burgers) they offer. Whether it be the braised beef, pork belly, ginger beer chicken or the oxtail chilli cheese dog there's something and with the option to mix it up -it's 3 mini burgers for £7 you can pretty much try them all. They are however a bit mean on the veggie option only offering just the BBQ aubergine with a pistachio lemon slaw, I say give the veggies an alternative other than fries!!

I defo liked this place and I'd defo go again and if I fed the veggie boyf first, he'd probably come too.

Not that I made it down there for cocktails but I had a peak and am massively interested in the late night cocktail spot downstairs...

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