Monday, 26 August 2013



Jones & Sons Dalston

If you're keen to embrace your inner carnivore and like your meat then this is the new hot spot to dine out at if you find yourself East. 
Serving up an array of meat cooked on the grill - everything from rib eye starting at £16 to sirloin, hanger and lamb chops. They're also artfully covering the fish options offering up roasted cod, cockles mussels and home made trice fried chips (essential these days when the 'Better Chip' market is as competitive as it is). 
The seasonal menu offers a traditional take on all the favourites; steak and ale pie, potted pork with pear coleslaw and crackling, steak and favourite has been forgotten here and desserts are no exception with treacle tart and clotted cream, chocolate puff with almond ice and crumble with custard.

Above all, the food speaks for itself. The pricing is super reasonable and the portions generous enough to make you return again and again...I'm already on my 5th trip!

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