Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Teds Tuna Teefy Treats

Ted's Tuna Teefy Treats

Preparation /Cooking time - 20mins
Feeds 1 Dog for 1-2 wks

1 x Tin of Tuna (non sunflower oil option - Spring water or brine is ideal)
2 x Handfuls of fresh spinach - Lightly wilted and finely chopped
200g of Plain / wholemeal flour (wholemeal is the healthier option)
1 x Handful of parsley - Finely chopped
1 x Medium free range egg

 Instructions -
Start by adding the washed spinach to a pan with a dash of water and cook on a medium heat until the leaves start to wilt.  Remove from the heat, finely chop them and leave to cool.

Drain the tin of tuna and add the finely sliced parsley and cold spinach before adding the flour and egg. Combine it all until it all comes together in a ball. At this stage you may need to add some more flour if the mixture's still sticky as it makes for a tricky task when trying to cut out your bone shaped biscuits. 
Once you have the mixture in a non sticky ball, flatten it out with the palm of your hands or a rolling pin and proceed to cut out your dog treats. If you'r lucky enough to have a bone shaped cutter then this is ideal if not cut them into bite size cubes or chip like pieces. 
Bake on baking paper for 15/20mins until crisp and golden. Leave to cool and store in a air tight container and probably for good measure keep them in the fridge. Allow between 2/4 a day depending on what else you're feeding your pooch.

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