Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Argentinian Pork & Date Ragout - ON THE MENU AT THIS MONTHS GET IN MY POP-UP.

One of the dishes on the menu at this months GET IN MY POP-UP. 
Taking place at on the 24/25/26th OCTOBER.

This has to be a favourite of mine with it's sweet, smoked, melt in your mouth generous chunks of pork, courgette and stewed dates. It works perfectly alongside the crunchy, fresh herbs and chilli additions.
The Argentinian Pork & Date Ragout will be one of the main courses being served up at the next Get In My Pop-Up, where we'll be offering up the best of British with a Latin twist. You can expect everything from Scallop, Grapefruit & Hot Radish Ceviche to Crunchy Corn Gratin and Chilli Hot Chocolate with a Pistachio Float and a Cinnamon Straw. Expect to see our local fish monger and butcher serving up their speciality produce.

Argentinian Pork & Date Ragout

Cooking / Preparation Time 4/5hrs

Feeds 4/6

Ingredients - 

1 x Red onion - Roughly chopped into quarters

1 x Tin of tomatoes
4 x Cloves of garlic - Crushed and sliced
1 x Courgette - Sliced into chunks
2 x Bay leaves
Pork Shoulder around 700g - Fat removed and cubed
1 x Ancho Chilli / Dried poblano chilles
1 x Tbsp of smoked paprika
Salt & black & white pepper
2 x Chicken stock cubes
3.5 x Pints of water
300g of pitted dates (or around 12)

Salad Garnish -
Lambs lettuce  - 1 x Handful per serving
1 x Red onion - Finely sliced
1 x Medium sized red chilli
1 x Spring onion - Finely sliced
1 x Bunch of coriander - Small sprinkle per person

Instructions -

Combine the onion, dried pepper, garlic, bay leaves, chicken stock, dates, courgette, seasoning and paprika with the 3.5 pints of water. Remove all large amounts of fat from the pork (this can be saved for pork scratchings). Chop the pork shoulder into generous chunks, 2.5cm cubes at least and add to the oven proof dish. Ensure that everything is well covered by the stock and cook on 180 degrees Celsius for 4hrs. Check the ragout half way through at around 2hrs giving it a stir and cook for a further 2hrs. Prepare the salad garnish and add when serving.

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